Home Decor Ideas For 2022 – Lori Nazemetz

Lori Nazemetz

June 27, 2022

Home Decor Ideas For 2022 - Lori Nazemetz

According to Lori Nazemetz, while interior design is arguably the simplest way to make a house feel like a home, not everyone knows where to start. Home decor ideas come in many different styles and are hard to choose for every house. Here are 22 ideas that will rule the home in 2022. These trends will continue to grow and are sure to be popular next year. Then again, you can always use them to spice up your home! So what are the key elements to home decor that you should include in your design?

Color gradients

The new color of the year is Evergreen Fog, a botanically-inspired shade of green that can be found in soft furnishings and wallpaper. Another color to consider is October Mist 1495, the 2022 trends palette from Benjamin Moore. This palette of colors complements other shades while achieving a clean, sophisticated look that fits with any style. Evergreen Fog is whimsical, reliable, and provides the perfect canvas for other colors to blossom.

The calming neutrals of grays and pastels are also on the design radar this year. While neutrals are often underplayed in interiors, pastels are gaining popularity as a color trend for the coming year. To update your interiors with these new color trends, consider these design tips from design experts. Below, you’ll find some of the latest color trends for your home in 2022.

Vintage pieces – Lori Nazemetz

For years, minimalism has been promoted as an ideal home decor trend. Minimalistic interior design emphasizes functionality over visual clutter, making it easier to focus and relax in a room. In 2022, a more organic approach will be more prevalent, with more vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind finds. With the rise of eco-conscious living and supply chain issues, it’s important to consider the past when choosing modern decor.

Lori Nazemetz explained that, while a trendy look isn’t necessarily the latest thing, vintage pieces have many benefits. They are both sustainable and economical. Plus, they add a unique personality to a room. As a matter of fact, a survey of interior designers suggests that seventy percent of the respondents predict a vintage decor trend in the next decade. For example, a recent report published by Chairish, an online marketplace for vintage home decor, identified vintage furniture and accessories that are expected to continue to grow in demand in the year 2022.

Upcycled materials

If you’re looking for a unique home decor idea, you should consider upcycling materials. This creative way of decorating is easy to do, but requires time and dedication. Upcycling not only saves you money, but also helps save the environment. By upcycling, you can make use of potentially waste materials to create a new design for your home. Here are some upcycling ideas to help you get started.

Recycling is a wonderful way to reduce waste streams, and the upcycled items you create can become art. The materials you use to create art can be recycled in just about any way. You can make jewelry, accessories, and even home decor using these materials. These products will save the environment by reducing waste from landfills. In addition, upcycling materials reduce the amount of trash in landfills. Many materials, including plastic, take 450 years to decompose in the environment.

Monochromatic color scheme

Lori Nazemetz mentioned that, a monochromatic color scheme is a color palette comprised of a single hue, such as black, white, gray, and other shades or tints. This color scheme creates a relaxing and serene atmosphere by combining light and dark colors in one space. If you want to create a room with this color palette, here are some helpful tips to help you achieve the look. Once you’ve chosen the colors you want to use, consider implementing these tips into your decor.

First, start with a neutral color. Neutrals, such as beige and off white, are great starting points for a monochromatic color scheme. They are easy to match and give the room a spacious feel. Additionally, monochromatic color schemes work well with nearly any design style. Once you’ve picked your base color, you can then layer different shades of it on top of it.

Eco-decor – Lori Nazemetz

In home decor trends for 2022, eco-friendly materials and products will be prominent. With increasing awareness of nature and the impact of work, people are now making a conscious effort to protect the environment. Eco-friendly decoration is one of the hottest trends this year. Felt products are perfect examples of sustainable interior decor. The eco-friendly and durable qualities of felt products make them the perfect interior decor item.

The sustainability of our homes is also becoming a major concern. In 2022, home decor trends will focus on using glass, mirroring nature, and reducing our dependency on plastics and energy. Home decor will also become more energy-efficient and feature low-energy appliances and lighting. Home decor trends for 2022 include eco-decor with a contemporary twist. While incorporating eco-friendly elements is becoming increasingly popular, consumers will also continue to make small changes.