About Me

Lori Nazemetz is the current owner of Dragon Fighting Systems. She currently lives in Huntersville, North Carolina, with her family. While she may be known for her business today, she was also well known from her time as a National Football League (NFL) cheerleader, which she participated in from 1997 through 2000.

Much of Nazemetz experience comes from the form of nutrition and fitness. She has always loved to be fit and participated in various activities in her young adult life. That is what led to her becoming an NFL cheerleader. She learned a great deal working there about nutrition and fitness and carries over many of those skills into her current position.

About Dragon Fighting System

Dragon Fighting System is her current passion. The organization helps to teach students martial arts. It offers world-class facilities in Huntersville, SC. That includes hundreds of square feet of matted areas and crash pads to support the intense training within the program. That training includes working with certified and ranked instructors. Those instructors are each ranked under the martial arts organizations they are affiliated with, such as the American Traditional Jujitsu Association (ATJA), USJA Judo, and the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF).

Lori Nazemetz co-owns Dragon Fighting System with her husband, Kenn. He serves as the Owner Director of Training Systems and Sensi. She serves as an Owner Director of Self Defense Training.

The work Nazemetz does within this company stems from a foundation of wanting to help people to improve their ability to protect themselves and gain confidence in themselves. The work she completes here with her husband is focused on helping anyone – whether a beginner, business professional, or athlete – to find a way to gain core skills and develop strong self defense abilities. The organization works closely with each person to create a customized training program to fit their skill and needs.

Among the tasks completed by Nazemetz as a component of her work at Dragon Fighting System, she works privately with students to provide one on one training. That includes providing classes such as JKD Concepts, Jujutsu, Weapons Training, Self Defense, Kickboxing, and others. In traditional combat jujutsu, she combines traditional combative techniques and modern interpretations. The organization also offers Olympic and Kodokan Judo courses, which originated in 1882.

Work History

After completing her education, Lori Nazemetz began working for many organizations. That includes Atrium Health. She later went on to work for Sigma Diagnostics and Quest Diagnostics. She has also worked for Becton, Dickson, and Company. She worked in various roles in these companies throughout the year. She later went on to found Dragon Fighting System with her husband.


Nazemetz attended the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. There, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She graduated in 1993. She then completed a certificate in medical technology from the Carolinas Medical Center.

Personal Life

Lori Nazemetz was born in March of 1970. She grew up in Lexington, North Carolina, and attended North Davison High School, where she graduated in 1988. She went on to college and completed her degrees in 1994. From the start, she has been interested in fitness and nutrition, both of which allowed her to complete degrees in these areas.

Nazemetz married Kenneth Nazemetz in 2002. They will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in 2022. She has three children, Cannon, Zade, and Jagger. She spends much of her time working with her children and fostering a healthy lifestyle for her family.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Lori Nazemetz has many personal interests and hobbies. That includes nutrition and fitness, as it is a part of her work and the lifestyle that she lives.

She is also known to have a beautiful home. That comes from her passion for home design and décor. She spends much of her time working closely with her clients and raising her family.

Charitable Contributions and Philanthropy

Nazemetz spends a good amount of her time helping others. This is often done through volunteer work. She volunteers with a number of organizations near to her heart. That includes Bags of Hope, the Special Olympics, and Angels & Sparrows. Bags of Hope is a non-profit ministry. Its work includes providing weekend food provisions to children in school in the area who may be experiencing food insecurity. In addition, the organization helps to provide people in need in Lake Norman, Charlotte, and the surrounding area with the food they need. This program also helps to support foster children who need help moving from place to place.

The Angels and Sparrow's opportunity involves helping in a soup kitchen, providing more than just food and a multi-faceted and generational approach to helping those in need. This community table also offers a full resource center for those in need who need a helping hand to get back on their feet.

Lori Nazemetz also helps to support the Special Olympics. She has done so for several years, providing financial and hands-on support to them as needed.


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